WEI Story

Where there is balance, there is beauty.

Years back, in the heartland of China, a young tomboy found her joy in running around fields, climbing trees, digging in the dirt, picking herbs, and discovering their many uses. Her favorite afterschool activity was studying Traditional Chinese Medicine with herbal Doctor Li and she dreamed of someday winning a Nobel Prize for a modern application of TCM studies. Little did this girl know that as an adult TCM would save her son's life when western medicine saw little success in treating complicated medical conditions.

Wei Brian’s love and appreciation for herbal medicine has led her to a profound and impassioned belief in TCM that she shares with everyone in her life, and it has inspired her to create the only prestige TCM beauty brand - Wei Beauty.

TCM and Balance
The roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine date back more than 5000 years, starting with an ancient text between an emperor and his family doctor. This document presents the concept of holistic balance with yin and yang in a curve to show its fluidity. Later, during the Ming Dynasty, Li Shi Zhen traveled all over China and wrote the TCM bible "本草纲目." This methodology is the foundations of Wei Beauty. Where there is balance, there is beauty.

Research and Delivery
There are over 1000 different herbs used in TCM with more than 10,000 herbal remedies already noted for posterity. Our research includes visits to remote villages and science labs alike. In rural Chinese communities we learn about practical applications for herbs, but in the lab we take an exhaustive approach to understanding the active ingredients as well as creating the best delivery systems so that we can share these remedies around the world. Our mission is to create products that, upon the first touch, convey the healing power of TCM.

Herbs and Harvest
Just like great wine starts with great grapes, the effectiveness of TCM very much depends on the herbs we use. We focus on a farm-to-face philosophy in developing our products. We climb high into the mountains and walk deep into the Yu Lan Forest to harvest the best that Mother Nature has to offer. We use these fresh, high-quality herbs to create proprietary blends that work together to maximize the benefits for your skin.

Hero Products
Thousand of years ago, Chinese herbal doctors discovered the healing effects of facial masks on the skin. Today, those ancient techniques continue to inspire us. Although our laboratories are state of the art, the spirit of those early innovators runs deep and can be seen in our line of three, distinctly different, easy-to-use masks.

Pod Masks
Including the top-selling Goldenroot Purifying Mud Mask, Wei Beauty pod masks contain more traditional mask applications that gently, but effectively, treat all skin types for a healthy, radiant complexion.

Sprout Masks
Housed in our innovative tube packaging, these sheet masks float in the essence of each highlighted grain sprout. Extracts are pressed at the point of germination when plants are their most potent and treat specific skin concerns.

Symptom-focused Sheet Masks
Simple skincare solutions that highlight the benefits of proprietary herbal blends and provide immediate relief and results for temporary skin concerns.